Friday, March 25, 2016

Johnny Pham

Your money and coupons: Best friends in the making

As a current college student, it is crucial to save up on the non-essential essentials. What do I mean? I mean items such as food or clothing for starters. College tuition, books, and if you have a place of your own, those don't come cheap. Therefore, I offer tips and strategies below to practice constant diligence of every dollar you own.

The Traditional method:
If you’re someone who likes to do things old fashioned, here are suggestions to saving with coupons:
  1. Always maintain high energy and effort. Savings with coupons, especially using the physical type, requires a high level of concentration to effectively max out on savings.
  2. Scour every type of newspaper possible. Whether this be the local newspaper, a paper from a Rite Aid/Walgreens or a Penny Saver, collect them all.
  3. Not every hardcopy paper has coupons of items you have no interest in at the moment. When you collect the papers, prioritize your necessities. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to devote more energy to a fashion paper when your need is food.
  4. Speaking of food, why spend full price on an item when you have numerous sale flyers  of a variety of food choices at your disposal? Whether it be one dollar off, or buy one get one free, take advantage!
  5. Finally, if you’re hardcore, then you could scour coupons from the trash… not necessarily your own either! Just don’t go peering into a neighbor's trash can without permission, especially at night!

The Tech Savvy method:
I admit I am not highly knowledgeable about the latest tech fads of our current generation, but I know a few tricks up my sleeve to save with coupons!
  1. The internet is your friend. It goes without saying, but with the world wide web, virtually any information can be found online! Numerous coupons can be found and printed for your use for example!
  2. Keep track of the various coupon sites out there. Dealspotr is just one site out there that you can utilize those online savings. Maximize your choices and attend other sites for even more coupons!
  3. Keep track of promotional codes for future savings. For example, sign up for a website (Subways, for example) newsletter to keep track of the deals they offer, and see if they will give a promo code you can use.
  4. Be alert of “hidden” codes. For example, when I purchased clothing online, I almost didn’t realize I could save 10% on my total purchase. Luckily, I prowled the internet and found a code which allowed me to save.
  5. Finally, know which coupons are valid and which are scams. The internet may be your friend, but it can also be your greatest enemy. Scammers lurk the bet under the guise of good savings, so stay diligent.

These are just some of the ways to consider when saving with coupons. One of the most important  things you should acknowledge in order to produce high savings, is the task requires a ton of time and effort. Think of this activity as a passion, and use that passion to save you big bucks in the long run!

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